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Jason O ( writes,
Maximum Traffic is awesome. I was about to write my own software to automate 
some website building tasks when I found Maximum Traffic, and boy am I happy 
I did. It has saved me loads of time.  Google and the other search engines 
love content and links, and Maximum Traffic speeds up the process of creating 
content and links so much it's incredible. What's even better than the software 
is their customer service.  They answered all my emails almost immediately and 
helped in every way they could. I highly recommend their software to any one 
who is serious about getting more traffic from the search engines.

Chris D (Wishes to not reveal site) writes,
It was a revelation to find Maximum Traffic because I had been searching for a 
program that automated some of the processes, build simple websites fast and 
yet could do it legitimately (without cloaking) and something that would not 
get me banned by the search engines.

I am extremely busy and never have time to learn new stuff so I was blown away
with the ease of use of the software.

I played the online video and wrote down all the settings that were shown on 
the video. I simply then referred to my written notes alongside the video when 
opening a free hosting account and then doing each of the processes to make 
and upload the final highly optmimized web pages.

BRILLIANT STUFF! and without doubt highly under priced especially as I was 
originally referred to one of their competitors who charge $197 for a lesser 
program that has received many bad reviews.

Ben A ( writes,
Not only does Maximum Traffic allow me to cut hours off my workload and focus
on improving the visibility of our clients in the most effective manner, but
the technical support provided by the team at is unsurpassed.

Frankly, I am overwhelmed at times by the ease of use and sheer pleasure I 
experience each time I use Maximum Traffic. It's a webmaster's dream come true. 

I want to thank you. I was looking for a long time to find a tool to do what 
Maximum Traffic does. I love it. I have found Maximum Traffic to be a 
consistently useful and valuable tool.

Joel T ( writes,
Nerdlib your support and updates to Maximum Traffic are nothing short of 
amazing.  Kuodos to you and you have a great software program.

Thomas F ( writes,
The program paid for itself after a week just from the extra traffic. It has a 
very simple layout, which makes using it a breeze. It does exactly what it's 
supposed to do. I used to get most of my hits from, now at least 
half of my traffic is coming from search engines. Anyone who wants more traffic 
should buy it.

Aeiko S ( writes,
Ever since I started my website, I have been looking for an easy way to get 
listed on the big search engines. After using Maximum Traffic, I am now able to 
find my website on altavista, google, and yahoo.

Thanks Nerdlib!!

Lisa Y ( writes,
I never thought my fashion website could actually get this many hits. I am now
averaging 2,400 uniques a day and that number is growing. I recommend this 
program to anyone who wants added exposure for their website, even if its small 
like mine was.

Nick G ( writes,
The concept is brilliant. I was wondering to myself, why I didn't I think of 
this. Oh well, I bought it, watched the video tutorial, and I started 
increasing my page rank that same day. I went from page 52 on google to page 8 
in a matter of a few days. I have now had this program for 9 days and I am on 
page 4 of google. The results speak for itself. Best $75 I ever spent on my 

Evan W ( writes,
I have owned and operated my day care center web site for over 5 years and 
this product has simply increased my sales! I was not sure how to market my 
product with a limited budget and I emailed the support staff here at NerdLib 
and I was sold. These guys know what they are talking about and they have 
proved their worth to me. I recommend this product to any one who is serious 
about increasing their sales without spending a ton of money.

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