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Marketing Tips


How do you wager the productivity of marketing? Do you really know what marketing is? You may know what it is meant to achieve, but do you understand how to achieve your goal without making empty promises? No matter what your website is we all have a budget set aside for marketing and we all have expectations on what we want them to do. When you go down the path of marketing without an education you only waste time and money. This guide we help you setup a game plan.

The Definition

Almost everyone in business has their own definition of marketing.

Your average webmaster will describe it as the "use of resources to generate sales through promotional methods." Marketing staff, describe marketing as "the efficient creation of customers." IT staff describe marketing as "Keeping the latest technology on the frontline will drive visitors to your site giving the customer the sense of security & productivity."

Marketing people, when they are letting their hair down, describe marketing as "an intellectual activity" where as business people retort that it is about the "Acquisition of money."

These definitions are all true.

Is your Product or Service ready?

Now lets get serious and weigh out some questions about selling your product at a viable profit
  • Who would want to buy my product?
  • Why would they want to buy it?
  • What is particular about these people?
  • Where do they live?
  • What is thier occupation?
  • How old are they?
  • How well educated are they likely to be?
  • What's their spending power?
  • Would a woman be more susceptible than a man?
  • How can I contact them?
  • What price will they pay?
  • How can I explain the benefits in a way that they'll appreciate?
  • Does it do what they need?
  • How long will it take to sell it to them?
  • How can I generate fresh orders from appreciative customers?
  • Can I repeat sales?
  • How many sales might this generate?

If you can understand why these questions are being asked then you are on the road to success.


Moving on to promotion, before we can promote your product we need to answer some more questions:
  • Does my site or service provide a need to exist?
  • What are the product's real advantages?
  • Who are potentia core buyers?
  • How do you get in touch with them?
  • What is the optimum market price range?
  • How should the product be branded?
  • Is the product marketable?
  • What is everyone else in this area of the market doing?

Taking Action

Now that we have established how plan of action lets get to it.
Start by using very cost effective ways of advertising such as:
  • Forums who allow advertising
  • Mailing lists that you have created. Stay away from opt in list but instead create a free promotional product to give away.
  • Create content rich pages for search engines to pickup
  • Use signatures in all forum posts
  • Create useful information and do not try to push the sale on your potential customers

Now lets look at spending some money:
  • Google Adwords is always a plus but be careful! You do not want to use broad keywords and simply spend money bringing useless visitors.
  • Overture PPC, same rules apply as Google Adwords
  • Stay away form the smaller PPC programs. They simply do not work
  • Take out ads in local papers. The word of mouth is one of the strongest advertising tools.
  • DO NOT use submission services. Most search engines HATE this. The fact is if you create content heavy pages the engines will find YOU.
  • Taking out an Ad on MSN. This can get pricey but it does have good results.
  • Design an effective sales letter and get it out to your customers.

Don't Be fooled

Don't get duped by the scams.

Lets face the fact that it is a cold world and everyone is out to make a buck. The fact is a lot of companies are simply scam artists. Particularly the "Cheap Traffic" scams. They claim to sell you "targeted" hits for cheap prices. They then proceed to send you 404, popunder, or popup traffic. This traffic will NEVER yield a result and your money is better spent else where. You need to drive your own traffic, there is no shortcuts in this game. Building link popularity and traffic trades are still effective ways to increase PR and visitors, so stick to these methods instead.

Stand Behind Your Product

Customer service & tech support can go a very long way. In today's society everyone needs to be helped along. Having a solid foundation of "good support" will keep your customers coming back but more importantly we keep them happy & satisfied. This should be your #1 goal when creating a product or service to be sold. Answering questions quickly effectively has no price tag on it. It simply is your golden key.


We have built a successful product on these core fundamentals and so can you. Follow these guidelines and you will see a big difference in your sales conversions. A lot of people mistake quality over quantity all to often. It is important to understand why quality will always win that argument.

Good Luck and God Bless!

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