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10 Free Alexa Tips

Below you will find a list of 10 free Alexa tips and tricks to utilize this great site. You might be asking you self "What is Alexa?" This happens to be a great question. Alexa is a web search engine that also collects historical data about your web site and its visitors. It is another gauge on website popularity. Installing the toolbar is highly recommended and by visiting your own site you will in turn increase your Alexa rating. You should also have as many people you know install this as well so that when they visit your site Alexa credits your site with the visit.

Install The Toolbar

How to show up in another website's related links

By suggesting other links for your website, that causes them also to be considered related links to other websites. To suggest related links for your own website, use the Suggestion Tool.

How to update the thumbnail image Alexa has for your site

To update the thumbnail that Alexa has for your site, just add your domain to the end of this URL:

How to see website traffic across non-standard date-ranges

Alexa typically allows you to view 4 different default date spans:

  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years

By manipulating the URL directly, you can modify that to whatever you want, down to 2 days or all the way up to 4 years. To do this, simply go to the graph you want to see using one of Alexa's default time spans, and then modify the part of the URL that looks like this:


In this range parameter, "d" = day, "m" = month and "y" = year.

Replacing "&range=3m" with "&range=8d" will cause the graph to span for 8 days.

How to get included in Alexa's hierarchical directory

Alexa's directory is powered by the Open Directory Project.

To be included in the directory, go to the DMOZ Directory and submit your site. A human editor will review your site and place it in the proper category.

Once that's done, it will automatically be picked up by Alexa.

How to remove the Alexa toolbar from your browser

Alexa offers two help pages to assist you in removing the toolbar:

Many people feel more comfortable to use a spyware removal tool that has Alexa-removal capabilities.

How to make your own Alexa toolbar

To make your own toolbar, go to the Associate Toolbar Page

By doing this your logo is built into the web browser and you will get more repeat visits and more loyal users.

How to get Alexa data in XML format free

The Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) offers a platform for creating innovative Web solutions and services based on Alexa's vast information about web sites, accessible with a web services API. The following documentation describes how to use the Alexa Web Information Service.

Learn more

How to get Alexa data as an RSS feed

You can get several things from Alexa as an RSS feed, such as:

  • Movers and Shakers
  • Top 500 Sites
  • Top 100 English Sites
  • Much much more

To sign up for an RSS feed, go to the free rss feeds. page

Get Certified Alexa stats on your site

Alexa allows you to place code on your website which will display a real-time ranking of your website for visitors. To get the code specific for your website.

Signup for stats

Modify the details about an Alexa listing

Alexa allows you to modify the data on your listing. Add, change, or unlist the contact information for any site on the web. This is for authorized Web site representatives only. All submissions are verified

Contact Information Editor

For more involved changes, you'll need to contact them directly using the contact form.


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