Maximum Traffic by NerdLib Software

User's Guide: Introduction


This guide describes in detail all of the features of this software and how they tie together to be the ultimate in keyword targetted page generation technology.

Although this software has a simplistic interface that even the most novice of users may understand, it harnesses very powerful features that even the most experienced webmaster will find to be time saving and productivity boosting.

More Logic

Search engines are smart and they are only going to get better, so pages generated need to keep that in mind. We've added a content-based naming technique to the filename generator and more options that allow finer tuning of how pages are generated.

Automatic Updates

As the internet goes through changes, so does the software that is used with it. New features and upgrades for this software will be provided as they are released, at no additional fee (initial purchase cost excluded).

Licensed users receive updates to the static content sources, keyword sources, and their respective scripts. The software update process is fully automated.

New Database

Although virtually invisible to you, there is a solid and scalable database behind the scenes now. This saves space and allows for a much more structured dataset for the software to work with, which improves performance considerably.

Better Support

It's never been easier to get ahold of us, we've integrated a support messenger into the software.

JScript .NET Integration

Allowing the use of cutting-edge javascript technologies lets end users create their own complex or simple content parsing scripts. Whether it's a script that can fetch multiple URLs parsed from the initial source URL, or a simple XML parser, you can now utilize whatever content sources you want however you want in the next generation of a very common and powerful scripting language.

JScript .NET Language Reference (JScript)

Built-in FTP

It doesn't get much easier than this, once your pages have been generated they can be uploaded automatically and instantly live on your website.

Full Template Control

There is no branding, or identifying features placed on your pages by this software, so generated pages are never easily distinguishable from non-generated pages.

Most other page generation software is easily identified and the pages it generates are 'skipped' instead of indexed (by automated search engine website crawlers) because of these traits.

This software allows you to totally customize every aspect of page generation so that the pages are all of your own design.

Unlimited Profiles and Templates

You can create as many Website Profiles, Website Templates, Keyword Profiles and AdLinks Profiles as you like. There is no limit to this and it is encouraged that you create as many as possible for maximum performance.

Trial Version vs. Full Version

The trial version of this software shows all the functionality of this software, yet doesn't allow you to use much of it. The full version is fully unrestricted and functional. It is recommended that you get the full version of this software if you plan on generating pages to be used on a real website, as the trial version is only meant to demonstrate how easy this software is to use. The full version fills the keyword list with well over a hundred related terms when you click Populate, and the trial version is limited to just a few keywords. This is just one example of how 'watered down' the trial version is.

The full version includes automatic updates to the entire set of program files (including documentation and static parse scripts) whereas the trial version can only receive updates to the executable files. This gives licensed users access to the latest scripts and newest keyword/content sources.